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some guidance outside the scope of your three questions. Remember that all issues discussed should be referred to your local counsel before you make any decision or take any action. In fact it is advisable to have your local counsel on the CONSULT call.

Getting our TERA service beforehand will help focus the CONSULT to your specific case. You might also enhance the benefit by ordering a Preliminary Document Review where he looks at unrecorded documents. Here are just some sample questions that are frequently asked, in no particular order:

  • How likely is it that I will lose my home?
  • What can I do about it?
  • How can I settle or modify?
  • What are my chances of success if I do something now?

Neil will share his thoughts on your specific case in a recorded CONSULTATION. You will receive the audio file and you can have it transcribed into a word document to cut and paste into pleadings, motions, and memoranda.”

Get The Most Out Of Your Private Consult with Neil


Course Materials and Follow up conference call included.
LIVE Streaming Presentation 4pm EST 11/19/21)

(Q&A 12/3/21 at 4PM EST).

Prelitigation Advice and Proactive Legal Actions
in Foreclosure Cases

Neil F Garfield, MBA JD: describes the issues presented to the general practitioner, bankruptcy lawyer and trial counsel when first presented with a client who fears Foreclosure on their Homestead. The client intake process is described in detail along with the responsibilities of the attorney to render advice based upon research and investigation. This course takes the viewer through various options for passive and proactive strategies and tactics that are likely to save home ownership.

Enforcement starts with claims of authority to administer, collect and enforce the alleged debt. It follows, therefore that if those claims are false, the time to confront them is at the earliest possible time.

Neil F Garfield, a Florida attorney and investment banker, presents the results of 16 years of research, analysis, trial appearances, expert witness presentations, and CLE presentations. In this modified course presentation, he focuses on the duties of lawyers who use or oppose assignments of mortgage, and the methods that can be used to perform expert analysis.

Since 2008, GTC Honors, Inc. has been an approved host provider for CLE (for lawyers) credits in Florida and 26 other states that allow reciprocal credits for licensed attorneys.

A short Q&A session is included — but it is not an opportunity to seek legal opinions on specific cases. It will be followed up with a conference call 2 weeks after the presentation. The presentation will be live on 11/19/21 at 4 PM EDT or on-demand. On-demand sessions will be available after the live presentations at the price of $95.



  • Client Intake:
    • As important as Medical History going back two owners
    • Deadlines: Extensions and Pitfalls
    • Goals:  Engagement and Expectations
  • Experts:
    • Selection Criteria
    • Selecting Forensic Examiners
    • Private Investigators,
    • Forensic Document Examiners
    • CPA
    • Securitization expert: The art of preparation and persuasion.
  • Understanding the Current Situation
    • Understanding Opposing Counsel
    • Get Up to Speed: Doing the required research
    • Analyzing the case and making preliminary conclusions
    • What to look for on notices and correspondence from the other side
  • Demand, Notice, and Rejection letters
    • to the company claiming to be the “servicer”
    • to the company claiming to be the “REMIC Trustee”
  • Statutory Demands: the foundation for future defenses
    • Qualified Written Request -RESPA — What is it and how should it be used
    • Debt Validation Letter -FDCPA — What is it and how should it be used.
    • Key question: Status of the alleged debt and owner
  • FDCPA and related lawsuits — effects on discovery demands, scope and enforcement
  • Defense starts immediately and no later than
    • Notice of Substitution of trustee on non-judicial states
    • Receipt of summons and complaint in judicial states
  • Be prepared for the Long Haul: The Strategy of Claimants with Weak Claims
  • How and when to charge money, contingency fees and treatment of recovery of attorney fees.
  • How lawyers can make money in this niche
  • Q&A 
  • Follow up conference call 2 weeks later 

The questions for today are different from the questions that were present only 2 decades ago when the forms, rules and procedures were developed — before present claims of securitization of debt.

GTC Honors, Inc. the Florida approved course provider, is a Florida Corporation, Publisher of the Livinglies.me blog and thousands of articles, treatises, and guides to successfully defend foreclosure cases in the era of self-serving declarations about the securitization of debt.

Presenter: Neil F Garfield, MBA JD: 

Over a 44 year legal career, he has appeared in over 2000 final hearings and trials in Federal, State, Bankruptcy, and Administrative courts covering various areas of criminal, civil, and administrative trial practice. He has been presented with numerous academic awards and a Gold Medal for academic excellence and contribution, authored the update for Florida Real Property Law for Harrison Publications when in his Sophomore Year in law school, and was the recipient of multiple community action and contribution awards in Florida, California, Arizona, and other states. He has appeared on more than 300 media broadcasts as a guest or host and has published approximately 10,000 articles on his blog, which are currently used by legal and financial researchers in 26 countries.  

In 2006 he correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis. He is a former advisor to the Arizona legislature, law enforcement and regulators. He is a recognized expert witness on securities issues including securitization of debt.

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