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Schedule Your Private Consultation With Neil Garfield, M.B.A., J.D.

A Recorded Private Consultation with Attorney Neil Garfield. Neil applies his 42 years practicing trial law and provides crucial guidance to lawyers and pro se litigants across the country aimed at developing a good defense narrative and strategies for winning cases in which homeowners are defending their homes. In the CONSULT his rapid fire "brain dump" provides more information and strategy than one would normally get in several hours spent with others who are less knowledgeable. People use the recording for transcription, cut and paste in pleadings, motions, memos and other documents.

Your private consultation is recorded and provided to you post-consultation. You can download it, listen again or even order, for a separate charge, the transcript of the CONSULT. Or have it transcribed yourself. 

For 12 years Mr. Garfield has been the national leader in directing legal strategies for the benefit of homeowners who are in conflict with self-proclaimed servicers, trustees and/or "successor lenders." His 49 year experience with investment banking, securities issuance, trial law, real property law, bills and notes has made him into an internationally recognized expert witness on assets that are claimed to have been "pooled" --- generally known as "securitization." As an attorney for 42 years he provides guidance to lawyers and pro se litigants (homeowners) across the country aimed at developing a solid defense narrative and strategies for winning cases. BUT he is licensed only in Florida and Washington DC (by reciprocity). So you should always consult with local counsel before acting on any information or suggestions he gives you.

Get The Most Out Of Your Private Consult with Neil 

You will get the most out of the Consult if you think about the three top questions you want to ask and write them down so you will remember them. This will assure that the Consult covers the issues that are most important in your mind yet still gives Mr. Garfield ample time to give some guidance outside the scope of your three questions. Remember that all issues discussed should be referred to your local counsel before you make any decision or take any action. In fact it is advisable to have your local counsel on the CONSULT call.

Getting our TERA service beforehand will help focus the CONSULT to your specific case. You might also enhance the benefit by ordering a Preliminary Document Review where he looks at unrecorded documents. Here are just some sample questions that are frequently asked, in no particular order:

  • How do I identify the role of each entity or person named in the chain of title upon which the pretender lender is relying?
  • What are the main issues of facts, evidence and proof in my case?
  • Which issues are most likely to get traction in court, based upon experience?
  • Who is my lender?
  • Who has authority to service my loan?
  • What functions does MERS perform?
  • Did WAMU own the loans that Chase claims to have purchased?