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Case Analysis & Report

A Case Analysis is a report containing factual, expert and legal conclusions based upon a review of recorded and some unrecorded documents obtained both from the homeowner, from financial institutions and/or intermediaries, and from

public domain including actual recorded documents, combined with the opinions of Attorney Neil Garfield. The Case Analysis Report includes the presentation of factual conclusions, expert opinions, proposed pointers on litigation strategy, the use of discovery tools, the use of a Qualified Written Request Letter and Debt Validation Letter, along with an appraisal of the likelihood of success in foreclosure defense and the likelihood of success in a lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure seeking damages and potentially equitable relief (disgorgement). Causes of action are proposed that have the highest likelihood of success.

The narrative included in this document is based upon the expert opinions of Attorney Neil Garfield as an expert in investment banking, commercial banking,lending and auditing culture and practices, plus securitization of debt and title issues. The information and opinions presented in this report will reflect the facts as represented by the cited sources as of the date of the report and address the credibility of claims to own or enforce certain debts.

The Case Analysis is not legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. Any persons seeking to act on the contents of this Case Analysis should first seek advice from an experienced attorney

licensed in the jurisdiction in which the property is located. Attorney Neil Garfield has been a licensed, practicing attorney for approximately 41 years, but he is only licensed in the State of Florida and the Federal Court system in Florida and is not completely familiar with all aspects of the pending matters.

Neil F Garfield, M.B.A., J.D., will be the author of your case analysis based upon information supplied by the client and other sources. He is a licensed attorney in good standing in Florida and Federal Courts only (since 1977) and is not licensed to practice in any other state or jurisdiction except those accepting reciprocity with Florida. Attorney Neil Garfield has previously been licensed as a personal representative (now known as Series 7) where he was engaged in retail sales, institutional sales, securities research, investment banking including public offerings, mergers and acquisitions. Where the report leans towards what might be construed as legal advice, Attorney Neil Garfield is only describing what he might advise a Florida client in a Florida matter. Attorney Neil Garfield always defers to local counsel who is acquainted with the entire case, the local bar and applicable state laws, rules and regulations.

Price: $2,000