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some guidance outside the scope of your three questions. Remember that all issues discussed should be referred to your local counsel before you make any decision or take any action. In fact it is advisable to have your local counsel on the CONSULT call.

Getting our TERA service beforehand will help focus the CONSULT to your specific case. You might also enhance the benefit by ordering a Preliminary Document Review where he looks at unrecorded documents. Here are just some sample questions that are frequently asked, in no particular order:

  • How likely is it that I will lose my home?
  • What can I do about it?
  • How can I settle or modify?
  • What are my chances of success if I do something now?

Neil will share his thoughts on your specific case in a recorded CONSULTATION. You will receive the audio file and you can have it transcribed into a word document to cut and paste into pleadings, motions, and memoranda.”

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State's Attorney General Complaints & Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaints

Most people skip an important administrative step that locks in the evasive answers of banks, servicers and lawyers for “trustees.” We offer a customized Complaint to your State’s Attorney General Complaints(AGC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP) challenging the parties seeking to collect, enforce or foreclose using the note and mortgage. The prerequisite is our TERA report or the equivalent, and responses to questions that the recipient(s) of your QWR and DVL fail to adequately address. If you get the Case Analysis the Cfpb complaint will cite to “answers” that conflict with other information (Statements and correspondence) from the same source. The AG and CFBP required the investigated party(ies) to respond. Lying to you (response to QWR or DVL) is not necessarily a crime. But lying to law enforcement is another story. The response will usually contain conflicting and inconsistent statements that may serve as additional evidence of a pending or post wrongful foreclosure action.

It is critical that the narrative of these Complaints do not unintentionally admit to something against your interest thus requiring the homeowner to seek out competent advice from people like the LendingLies Team who do proper investigation, research and have essential understanding of the process known as “securitization”, the role of derivatives, and the law and practice as it relates to mortgages, deeds of trust, promissory notes, the investment banking industry and the lending industry.

For further information, please visit Neil Garfield’s LivingLies Blog: Cfpb Complaint: Prohibition of Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts in the Collection of Consumer Debts.

Cfpb Complaint

Custom Attorney General & Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint


Price: $399.00