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We do not provide a legal conclusion although our factual research and expert knowledge would appear to be similar. We proceed from the expert vantage point of accepted norms, customs and practices in the lending industry and the guidelines that are in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles as promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

We also proceed from the standpoint of customs and practices in the investment banking community regarding the existence and sometimes the valuation of reported assets. This is based upon Mr. Garfield’s training and experience working for Wall Street investment banking firms and owning his own investment banking consulting company. Mr. Garfield was also previously licensed as a securities personal representative for institutional and private buyers and sellers, served as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for an investment banking firm and was a certified financial analyst. In this case the reported asset is an underlying debt, which is reported to have been memorialized in a promissory note naming the obligee and obligor. Enhancement of the asset means that, in this case, the debt is asserted to be secured by a lien of encumbrance upon the property of the obligor.

This report seeks to confirm, disprove or describe the factual predicates stated or implied in the recorded documentation in the context of some additional records provided by either the current party claiming rights to enforce certain documents and /or its predecessors.

As to legal terms, theories and doctrines, Mr. Garfield was also an honors student in law school, having authored the Harrison’s Publications Florida Real Property Law Update under the direction of the senior professor of Property Law at what is now known as the Shepherd Broad Law Center for the Study of Law. Mr. Garfield was #1 in his class for the first two years of law school and then dropped to third while he was attending law school and working full time in a law office. He received multiple academic awards including “Bills and Notes”.

As for auditing standards, Mr. Garfield was #1 in his class in an advanced 2 year program for his M.B.A. where he also taught auditing and taxation as a student associate at Ioan College Graduate School of Business Administration. He has served as consultant to national and international businesses on matters relating to auditing and taxation.

Mr. Garfield’s direct knowledge of banking and lending practices comes from his experience on the advisory board of directors of multiple banks and his establishment of a payment processor in the early 1990’s which survives through the present.